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All rights reserved. Rubella vaccine is grown in human diploid cell culture and can be safely given, regardless of a history of allergy to eggs or egg proteins. Substance s inducing the formation of antibodies. In older children, the deltoid mass is of sufficient size for intramuscular injection. This will facilitate accurate record-keeping for the patient, assist with physician encounters, and fulfill the need for documentation of immunization in schools and other institutions and organizations. If more than one vaccine preparation is administered, each should be given at a different site. Different antigens:

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Parenterally administered live vaccines e.

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The importance of injecting vaccines into muscle

Thus, if the interval between vaccine and IG is less than 14 days, vaccine should be repeated about 3 months after IG was given, unless serologic testing indicates that antibodies have been produced; if the interval was longer, vaccine need not be readministered. Different antigens: Injection technique involves stretching the skin flat before inserting the needle or pinching a fold of skin before injection, which may necessitate the use of longer needles. However, skeletal muscle has a poor supply of pain fibres compared with skin and subcutaneous tissue. Injecting into the gluteal region is absolutely not recommended, for babies or adults. HMSO;

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