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And that is great for you: In my life I was married once which did not turn out too well and I had a couple of one night stands and quick affairs but overall I never found the true love I was looking for. Yes, better than the other guys who liked her new Instagram picture and want to sleep with her, too. You can learn the skills from Deepak. When you have this, you need nothing else. And also, do you really want to sleep with fatties? They were wondering:

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With every year I feel less and less physically attractive.

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Infield Coaching Deepak will go out with you, analyze your pickups, give you instant feedback and be your wingman. Delusional confidence gets demolished after the first couple of hundred rejections. Look, you can get dating advice from everybody. You might think you are calibrated but in reality you are not. What is it worth to have the skills to go out any day of the week and seduce any type of women. One area of my life was always lacking: Deepak is having it all, he has beautiful girlfriends who love himhas slept with models and can sleep with new women, whenever and wherever he wants to.

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