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In its demands on the body, bodybuilding is like almost no other athletic pursuit. Professional musclemen eat up to seven meals every 24 hours, have to spend more or less every day in the gym, virtually never drink alcohol and are often on steroids that come with a number of miserable side effects including impotence. Teen bodybuilder Daveon Hill is so dedicated to his sport, he scoffs 5, calories a day and wakes at 4am to hit the gym. My parents had the same concerns when I started on a high protein diet, lifting hard, and using supplements. Click To Enlarge. Teens with slower metabolisms endomorphs may actually need to eat on the high side as well, not because they burn through calories faster, but because protein has a thermogenic effect and a higher protein intake may help prevent unwanted fat gain.

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Daveon said:

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18 Year-Old Bodybuilder Consumes 5000 Calories A Day, Beats Men Twice His Age

Now I'm sure many of you are thinking Muscleworks in Bethnal Green, a gym especially popular with bodybuilders, is home to so much equipment that there is virtually no space for me to slalom my way between the weights, bars and machines. United States. Everyone was upset - I was the only one who was calm for the most part. Meet Nixlot Dameus. I am going to be as straight forward as I can.

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