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I couldn't write this so I looked it up on some other website "Alright our final camper arrives. Leshawna released a massive bloody scream at feeling the sudden, massive penetration. The Code-ster! But that didn't mean that Leshawna was complaining, not by a long shot! Duncan and Jude try to make the pizza as gross as possible. The goal is to water ski behind a jet ski, driven by a member of the opposing team, collecting flags for points.

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So, those two story ideas are still safe and will get officially started at some point down the road.

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Total Drama Island

Her mouth was a pure smile and her eyes were struggling to stay awake, his domination having depleted her energy. Jude as Dude Boy. Gwen kisses Jude on the cheek. Geoff is launched off the moose with his pants down. Trent plummets from the plane after being pushed by DJ. Cody was thankful that Leshawna was paying attention to explaining features of her new home and not him because he doubted he's have been capable of tearing his eyes away from the chocolaty currents. The plane turns out to be piloted by Chriswho lands in the camp to announce the "X-Treme" challenges for the day:

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