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In a third she is reclining on the couch with her buttocks clearly visible and in others she is naked apart from a pair of high heels. But look at the chair she's seated on. Newborn Pups 2 hours ago. Obama's Effect on Wor Even though Gilbert himself would likely concede that these are from the same photoshoot.

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Film claiming Obama's mother once posed for pornographic pictures sent to a million swing voters

The force of female fury! John July 13, at They married in February but in August of that year she moved to Seattle to study at the University of Washington. We must understand how angry little barack is: Further up this post, there's a screenshot of Gilbert's own website, with a video still that shows the woman he claims is 'Ann' sitting on a couch, pulling a black opera glove onto her left arm. I think we've gotten a little bit beyond heresay, don't you?


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