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Just like you are used to doing certain things in certain ways, your host family and friends will have typical habits too. I really liked being at this school, it just took some getting used to because everything was a lot more conservative than in my home country. You will learn about your host culture while at the same time teach your host family and friends about your home culture. However, it has been pretty much different at school. It is important to motivate yourself while learning. You might be experiencing a bad day or you may feel frustrated or just annoyed.

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May be if some one see you armes round together the say look what a wounderfull and loving couple they are.

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Find some interesting blogs that talk about the situation of a particular region of the country. Dear Amy: After the ceremony, where my host father received his new rank insignia, all of us in the family stood up in line, first my host father, then my host mother and finally my host brother, my host sisters and I. We must recreate our living space, Change some habits, take time to explain, listen, console when homesickness is too heavy, but it is such a pleasure to pass our culture down, to compare ideas… I never gave more than I received. It will be natural for you to connect with your new friends online through the use of social media. If you got 3 tardy you got detention.

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